Plants of Interest

Here, I intend to display pictures and relate my experiences with some of the more interesting plants which I have grown or would like to grow.

Clematis slime flux: a disease of Clematis.

Clivia miniata: a spectacularly flowered bulb.

Cyrtanthus spiralis: a bulb with rather 'silly' spiral leaves.

Datura stramonium: 'Thornapple' - rather a nice 'weed'!

Dicentra spectabilis: 'Bleeding Heart'

Lachenalia viridiflora: a strangely coloured bulb

Lapageria rosea: one of the most beautiful climbers

Massonia pustulata: a delightful Winter-growing bulb

Unknown Mesemb.: anyone know what this is?

Nerine bowdenii: an attractive Autumn flowering bulb.

Peanut (Arachis hypogaea): an unexpected seedling in my greenhouse.

Scadoxus puniceus: a spectacular bulb.

Viscum album (European Mistletoe): progress after sowing seeds on trees in my garden.

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Last modified: 5th April 2012